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:octocat: An awesome list that curates the best of all big and small open and closed source projects(170 in total) on Windows | MacOS | Linux | Indie operating systems, their software and more contributed by these heros.🎉

Created by Priyansh and contributors

Please do not hesitate to meticulously scrutinize for any potential flaws, offer constructive feedback, collaborate on analogous projects, and bestow a coveted ⭐️ should you find this endeavor to be truly exceptional.



N. Identifier Description Live Demo/Docs
01. windows11
Want to experience Windows 11 now within your browser?
HTML CSS JS ~ @Rajaniraiyn
02. windows-11-web Awe-amazing Windows 11 clone. Oh wait, Not for your Computer, but for the web! ⚡
Preact ViteJS TS Vercel HTML CSS JS ~ @PiyushSuthar
03. windows11 Windows 11 using R E A C T
React Redux Tailwind CSS Fontawesome SCSS JS ~ @blueedgetechno
04. react-windows-ui Full featured Windows fluent UI apps using ReactJS. Provides a set of accessible, reusable, and composable React components that make it super easy to create websites and apps.
TS SCSS HTML CSS JS ~ @VirtualVivek
05. windows10-framework Build full featured Windows 10 Native apps or Web apps using Html, CSS & JavaScript. Comes with rich native like components, icon sets. Used as fast prototyping tool for Windows environment platforms.
SCSS HTML CSS JS ~ @VirtualVivek
06. react-desktop React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10
React JS ~ @GabrielBull
07. windows 8 start-page A Windows 8 like start page, not open-source here
08. winXP Web based Windows XP desktop recreation.
React JS Vercel ~ @ShizukuIchi
09. x-webDesktop-vue A Windows WebDesktop system based on Vue
10. Windows XP Simple Widnows XP demo with many integrated open source softwares here
11. jspaint 🎨 Classic MS Paint, REVIVED + ✨Extras
NODEJS HTML5 Canvas CSS JS ~ @1j01
12. 98 Web-based Windows-98 desktop recreation .
C++ JS HTML CSS ~ @1j01
13. packard-belle-desktop Building websites with packard-belle UI library and react-rnd. Inspired by Windows!
HTML CSS JS ~ @padraigfl
14. windows98-html-css-js Windows-98 on the W E B! using HTML5, CSS3 and JS
HTML CSS JS ~ @lolstring
15. windows 98 A simple Windows 98 display here
16. windows95 Windows-95 in Electron. Runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows.
Electron TS Docker JS ~ @Felixrieseberg
17. react95 Refreshed Windows-95 style UI components for your React app.
React JS ~ @Arturbien
18. win95 Pretty much Similar to Windows-95 experience. Downloadable file here
19. Windows 93 Web based Windows 93 experience here
20. emupedia Emulator-focused Win9X desktop. The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.
CSS JS ~ @Emupedia
21. Image OS A WIndows and Mac images simulation of operating system, previous 9 Windows OSs and 4 macOSs here
22. poke95 A Windows-95 style Pokédex(kinda game) built with React.
React React95 PokeAPI Vercel HTML CSS JS ~ @Wobsoriano
23. webamp Winamp 2(VLC of that era) reimplemented for the browser.
Objective-C Matlab TS HTML CSS JS ~ @captbaritone
24. winampify ⚡ A Spotify web client with an OS-looking interface and a reimplementation of the classic audio player Winamp.
React emotionjs TS HTML Sass CSS JS ~ @remigallego
25. webamp-desktop Cross-platform (Windows, macOS and Linux) desktop version of Winamp 2.9 reimplementation.
Electron JS ~ @durasj
26. pipes Web based C L A S S I C Windows 3D Pipes screensaver remake.
ThreeJs JS ~ @1j01
27. 3D-FlowerBox Web based Faithful WebGL remake of the Classic Windows-95 screensaver.
HTML JS ~ @kevin-shannon
28. zine This project started as building a simple minesweeper clone for a job interview, but the nostalgia swept over me hard and inspired me to do something a little more ambitious. My goal is to build as faithful of a recreation of Windows-95 in the browser as I can.
JS ~ @1000hz
29. win minecraft Play legacy minecraft game online here
30. win95-media-player Back from 1995, and running on your browser!
React JS ~ @benwiley4000
31. js-solitaire Classic clone of Microsoft’s Solitaire game.
CSS JS ~ @rjanjic
32. ArmorAlley A browser-based interpretation of the MS-DOS release of Armor Alley, a combat strategy game originally released in 1990 for MS-DOS PCs and the Macintosh.
HTML CSS JS ~ @scottschiller
33. winclassic The classic Windows theme designer: a utility to help ease the development of Windows Classic themes
sed SCSS HTML CSS JS ~ @tpenguinltg
34. fileExplorer A zero dependencies, customizable, pure Javascript widget for navigating, managing, uploading, and downloading files and folders or other hierarchical object structures on any modern web
PHP PLSQL HTML CSS JS ~ @cubiclesoft
35. clippy.js Add Clippy(we miss you!) or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia
CSS JS ~ @smore-inc
36. wolf3d The classic Windows game Wolfenstein-3D
HTML5 CSS JS ~ @jseidelin
37. skifree.js The classic PC Game SkiFree, but in JS
HTML CSS JS ~ @basicallydan
38. vipercard An open source rewrite of 1987’s HyperCard
TS Python HTML ~ @moltenform
39. 7.css A tiny CSS framework for building faithful recreations of the Windows-7 UI.
SCSS JS ~ @khang-nd
40. XP.css A CSS framework for building faithful recreations of operating system GUIs
SCSS JS ~ @botoxparty
41. 98.css A design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs
CSS JS ~ @jdan
42. BOOTSTRA.386 A vintage 1980s DOS inspired Twitter Bootstrap theme
HTML Less CSS JS ~ @kristopolous
43. os-gui Retro Operating System GUI JS library
CSS JS ~ @1j01
44. retro-fonts All old school fonts ever to be found on the Web 1.O Internet here
45. Screenshot OS Collection of Screenshots, timelines, icons, sound, etc of all legacy Operating Systems, ever to exist. here
46. vue-window This package is an implementation of window UI for PC environment as a Vue Component.
TS Vue HTML JS ~ @michitaro
47. fake-ie Simulate an old version of Internet Explorer on iOS
TS java objective-C Starlark ruby JS ~ @partiellkorrekt
48. bubbles A recreation of Windows Bubbles screensaver.
HTML JS ~ @khang-nd
49. Chicago95 A rendition of everyone’s favorite 1995 Microsoft operating system for Linux.
CSS python HTML JS ~ @grassmunk
50. ui95 🖥 WIP: A preact implementation of Windows-95/98/ME style components and apps
51. Nightwave Plaza Nightwave Plaza is a free 24/7 online ‘Classic Windows’ inspired vaporwave radio station. The broadcast also includes some future funk and experimental genres. We hope you enjoy. here
52. geek-prank Online Windows-XP simulator that runs in your web browser. Activate full screen and play Minesweeper, Tetris and listen to some music in Winamp. Also prank your friends by loading this site. here
53. afterstep AfterStep is a window manager for the Unix-X Window System. Originally based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface.
C Shell C++ ~ @afterstep
54. wmaker Window Maker is an X11 window manager originally designed to provide integration support for the GNUstep Desktop Environment
C Perl ~ @window-maker
55. eat-sleep-work A windows styled is your brand partner to be bold, be different and be interesting. We cultivate relationships and together we can change design. here
56. win98-icons Windows-98 Icons viewer here
57. win95 Windows-95 replica with a cat! Visit decades old webpage of popular sites like Apple and Google. here
58. The Indie Web A Windows GUI inspired blogging site.
CSS HTML JS ~ @tholman
59. 90’s Cursor Effects Only 90’s kids remember… well not really, but these beloved effects that would follow your mouse around will always be classic reminders of the old, beloved internet.
JS ~ @tholman
60. Windows 1.0 Here you can find everything there is to know about the 1ST VERSION of W I N D O W S.
61. Make Wordart From its initial release on Microsoft Windows-95, WordArt has helped jazz up millions of book reports, signs, logos, and presentations. It was widely available and user-friendly, which lead to its use and abuse throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. here
62. Vuindows A tribute to Windows-10 made with Vue.js
Vue HTML JS ~ @marcmascarell
63. AWGE Forum A Windows-98 inspired web forum here
64. tetrageddon A chaotic version of Windows GUI, warning- lots of popups. here
65. Windows 96 Windows-96 is a Win9x-esque Web OS loaded with a bunch of programs and other fun stuff for you to use. here
66. An “Online Windows-7” that you can use everywhere!
CSS HTML JS ~ @trungdq88
67. Window Manager Alpha Window Manager (soon coming with SSH for Remote Server Control) which resembles Windows 10 UI here



| N | Identifier | Description | Live Demo/Docs | | —- | :—————— | :—————— | :——– | | 01. | macOS-web | This open source project aims to replicate some of the Mac OS(Monterey, at the time of writing)’s desktop experience on web, using Svelte.
Svelte Vite TS Vercel SCSS HTML CSS JS ~ @PuruVJ | here | | 02. | macOS-preact | (Legacy)This open source project aims to replicate some of the Mac OS(Moneterey, at the time)’s desktop experience on web, using standard web technologies like
Preact Vite TS Vercel SCSS HTML CSS JS ~ @PuruVJ | here | | 03. | playground-macOS |A Portfolio website simulating macOS’s GUI, developed with React and Tailwind CSS.
` React Redux Tailwind CSS TS HTML JS ~ [@Renovamen]( | [here]( | | 04. | [giantSur]( | 🍏 macOS Big Sur UI clone for the web built with React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS <br> React Nextjs Tailwind CSS TS Docker Jest Enzyme JS ~ [@soroushchehresa]( | [here]( | | 04. | [finder-clone]( | A (bare bone!) clone of the macOS "Finder" app (the macOS equivalent of Windows "File Explorer"). Built with React and Sass <br> React SCSS Netlify HTML CSS JS ~ [@guyariely]( | [here]( | | 05. | [react-desktop]( | React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 <br> React JS ~ [@gabrielbull]( | [here]( | | 06. | [pce]( | Emulates Mac Plus, IBM PC, & Atari ST in the browser using WebAssembly <br> C Makefile Assembly JS ~ [@jsdf]( | [here]( | | 07. | [xOS_webtop]( ) | A web based macOS inspired OS mockup | [here]( ) | | 08. | MacPaint | serves as a historical gallery and contemporary directory of artwork produced using Macpaint. | [here]( | | 09. | burgersoft | good old macintosh | [here]( | | 10. | Unremarkable Garden | Old Artists macintosh | [here]( | | 11. | Public Domain | Random public domain videos in macOS instances. | [here]( | | 12. | [Joeyonng]( | Joeyonng's backyard (personal website) built to mimic the macOS Big Sur desktop <br> SCSS HTML JS` ~ @Joeyonng | here |


logo LINUX

Nos. Identifier Description Live Demo/Docs
01. Ubuntu 20.04 Personal portfolio website of theme Ubuntu 20.04, made using React.js & tailwind CSS
React Tailwind CSS JS ~ @Vivek9Patel
02. linuxWeb A somewhat simulated linux environment inside your browser
Sass Pug HTML JS ~ @Manthee1
03. GoodManWEN 📕 A website simulating linux system’s GUI, using theme of Deepin distro
Python Vue HTML JS ~ @GoodManWEN
04. Operating System like linux into web-browser
PHP Symfony Twig JS ~ @Mediashare



N. Identifier Description Live Demo/Docs
01. zine DIY E-Zine and Operating System
HTML5 CSS CoffeeScript ~ @STRd6
02. OS.JS OS.js is an open-source web desktop platform with a window manager, application APIs, GUI toolkit, filesystem abstractions and much more.
Shell Dockerfile ejs CSS JS ~ @os-js
03. FriendUPCloud Friend OS is the Internet Operating System for any device, running on posix compatible hosts. Also known as the Friend Unifying Platform.
C Perl PHP JS ~ @FriendUPCloud
here, signin required
04. AaronOS This is a public repository of AaronOS, so that the public can more easily suggest contributions, and so I can be more transparent in the development of aOS.
PHP CSS JS ~ @MineAndCraft12
05. web-Desktop-environment A web-based cross-platform desktop environment
React NodeJs TS JS ~ @shmuelhizmi
06. jQuery-Desktop JavaScript desktop environment built with jQuery + HTML5.
HTML jQuery CSS JS ~ @nathansmith
07. serenity SerenityOS is a love letter to ’90s user interfaces with a custom Unix-like core. It flatters with sincerity by stealing beautiful ideas from various other systems
C++ C shell CMake HTML JS ~ @SerenityOS
08. curve-contract Vyper contracts used in exchange pools.
python solidity ~ @curvefi
09. KodExplorer A web based file manager, web IDE / browser based code editor!
PHP CSS HTML JS ~ @kalcaddle
10. virusAV VirusAV OS - An indie OS written by Keito here
11. The Poolsuite FM, mixtapes, vacation, store in an indie web-desktop format here
12. DSM A feature-rich and intuitive NAS operating system here
13. itisasifyouweredoingwork Play It is as if you were doing work in your browser (mostly likely mobile-unfriendly, sorry (login with any credential))
CSS HTML JS ~ @pippinbarr
14. frankenSim Tools for Postmodern Prometheus, a web toy here
15. Chiptune God knows what is this
16. HTML5/JavaScript recreation of the original Jurassic Park movie computer system
CSS HTML JS ~ @tojrobinson
17. tildeOS html files open in iframes, in old internet OS look here
18. CloudDesk CloudDesk is an online desktop made for multi-tasking, with multiple useful tools. It has the modern look of the Google UI, and the power of the latest codes used for web development. here
19. fos Web Components to turn your web app into a fake operating system
Shell JS ~ @victorqribeiro
20. Nirrius Creative Studio A web-desktop inspired studio with a collection of passionate humans that build great products and unforgettable experiences. here
21. NyjaOS This is a non-linear science fiction story told through a desktop environment. Click around. Read documents. Piece together events as you go along. here
22. W_Dev this webpage is highly inspired by Ubuntu (12.04 & 18.04) and Ubuntu Touch on mobile. The site looks alike my desktop which features the adapta theme (and the paper icon pack). The icons I used here are google’s material icons. here
23. hacker-simulator With this website we want to raise awareness for online security and to promote ethical hacking. Always protect your system following the guidelines recommended for a safe Internet. here
25. webdesktop WebDesktop is a Startpage for web Browsers in a funny fake Operating System interface. Designed by here
27. Hyena Network Welcome to Hyena Network. Feel free to look around. As you may have seen, they appear to look like windows… I suggest playing around with them! Since they behave much like normal windows do! here
28. my-second-pc A website that emulates a desktop environment, written in vanilla JS in 2006. This was created as a demo for the KWS library.
JS ~ @koas
29. daedalOS Desktop environment in the browser.
TS JS ~ @DustinBrett
30. team3d A deFi website inspired by OS, ethereum hosted. here
31. We=Link: Sideways A Chronus Art Center (CAC) exhibition inspired by Windows 95 here
32. thoughtsonglitchart hypermedia essay on the subject of glitch art. Interactive video and other parts of website as video progresses.
CSS HTML JS ~ @nbriz
33. Big Desk Energy Big Desk Energy is whatever you make of it, so boot your laptop, turn up volume, and stay a while. here
34. github95 Your Github profile. With a Windows 95 style. Built with React 🚀
CSS HTML JS ~ @edwardpayton
35. Fizzygum A new web framework, an entire platform really, designed from the ground up to handle complex things easily. Put the power of an entire Operating System at your fingertips.
CoffeeScript JS ~ @davidedc
36. Puter A web-based, cloud operating system. Store, open, and edit your files from anywhere! here
37. Pluto A minimal but functional web OS that aims to provide a desktop environment-like experience inside of a website. here



N. Identifier Description Live Demo/Docs
01. Yahya J. Aifit An indie OS format of personal website
02. Dan Yalg A fun indie OS format of portfolio website
CSS HTML JS ~ @Yalgie
03. Try Andy’s Desk A Windows 7 inspired personal website here
04. rexOS An indie OS personal website, loves dogs and has virus.exe oh and can play snake.exe too! here
05. GopalOS A personal OS by Gopal Othayoth of CerebralDatabank™️, can install packages and apps. here
06. Timothy Howard Yet another indie OS portfolio website
CSS HTML JS ~ @timhow38
07. Heather Vandervecht A Windows 95-esque desktop experience portfolio site with a chat app being the main highlight.
React CSS HTML JS ~ @heathervv
08. Jack Adam A Portfolio site that re-creates an old computer interface.
CSS HTML JS ~ @jckdm
09. Derya Antonelli This is a retro-inspired personal OS, responsive website with client-side applications.
SCSS HTML JS ~ @D-Antonelli
10. raccOS 9 Violet Procyon - An old macOS format of personal website of a 3d artist. here
11. scumweb An indie OS format of personal website - flexedupshawty here
12. Austin Riba. An indie OS format of personal website, terminal navigation. here
13. Gustavo Chico An indie OS format of personal website here
14. Pyramis An artists OS here
15. Racer Trash An indie OS format of personal website here
16. ytcracker An indie OS format of personal website here
17. Glass Animals OPEN SOURCE A messy Indie OS with a decent functionality and fascination. here
18. Erd Yakingun erdOS powered portfolio website
TS Nuxt.js HTML JS
19. Patrick Kage A Windows98 inspired portfolio website
CSS HTML JS ~ @pkage
20. Hillary Churchill A macOS inspired portfolio website here
21. Gamithra Marga A macOS inspired personal website ~ @Gamithra here
22. Maple Mavic Syrup An indie OS inspired personal website here
23. basile A yet another windows inspired personal website here
24. Digital gallery X Kuba A Windows inspired digital gallery personal website by Kuba here
25. Matthew P Munger A macOS inspired portfolio website - mattOS here
26. Isaac Waller A win98 inspired personal website. here
27. Zach Caceres This is a personal portfolio, inspired by the question: “What would the opposite of the two-color template developer blog look like?” ~ @ zcaceres here
28. kim-os Jack Kim’s OS based resume here
29. Mariano Pascual Mariano Pascual v.88 is an macOS format resume. here
30. A Windows-7 based resume
CSS HTML JS ~ @melkael
31. websiterevision2017 This is just a total overkill revision of my personal/professional website
TeX Vue Jupyter Notebook HTML JS ~ @paultopia
32. homepage A personal website
TS CSS HTML JS ~ @v-y-l
33. A windows retro personal website
CSS HTML JS ~ @syxanash
34. windows7 Windows-7 Simulation is a small project to simulate the user interface and functionalities of Windows-7 using pure web components and libraries. It supports both desktop and mobile devices.
SCSS JS ~ @khang-nd
35. Erik Bernacchi The preposterous web portal of erik bernacchi. A portfolio site. here
36. I’m probably the coolest guy you will ever meet. We can’t be friends but I can make you a website! # (516) 326-201
JS ~ @arturbien
37. Éric Lévénez’s Éric Lévénez’s site here
38. Tholman THE CURIOUS CREATIONS OF TIM HOLMAN. A cool collection of awesome projects.
Ruby CSS HTML JS ~ @tholman
39. Hannah Blair A Windows-95 inspired portfolio website here
40. Aimen Rafique–Marsh  ◠‿◠ ✿ Some kind of cool blog. Duh here
41. Britney OS’99 An OS-based website to vote Britney in a past US elections. here
42. LevyTerminal A terminal style portfolio website. here



N. Identifier Description Live Demo/Docs
01. commodore-64-desktop A desktop for the Commodore 64(one of the first operating system to exist)
.NET batchfile ~ @ssshake
02. microweb DOS Web browser for 8088 class machines
C++ C Pascal ~ @jhhoward
03. old internet The Old Net is an attempt to restore vintage web browsing on vintage computers. It uses the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine API and a proxy that strips out any incompatible javascript and stitches together as many links as it can. here
04. the-restart-page The Classic Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems here
05. nextsite Simple HTML/CSS site mimicing some key NeXT OS(founded by Steve Jobs after he was fired from Apple) Workspace elements:
CSS HTML JS ~ @juddy
06. atari-st Welcome to the largest Atari ST Resource on the Internet here
07. WorldWideWeb This is the first version of the NextStep WorldWideWeb application with the libWWW library. An excercise in global information availability here
08. Cyberspace & Time A classic internet web portal to time travel. here
09. WWWTXT WWWTXT digs deep and resurrects the voices of these digital pioneers as unedited, compelling, and insightful 140-character excerpts. here
10. Bill’s World Wide Boutique SURF THE WEB LIKE IT’S 1999! I’m trapped in 1999 on GeoCities! I’ve made this time portal so you future people can visit my site. here
11. Repeater 2 is an experimental pattern drawing tool. It allows users to easily draw patterns, in a naïve 8-bit-ish style.
Vue ~ @Adi Ron
12. 56k-modem Discord server. Someone said it’s like chat rooms from the 1990s so I just had to set one up. here
13. AConfusedDragon The classic GIFs of past decade. here
14. Rimet Desktop Windows-like WebOS with lots of themes. ~@EthanF44 more here



| N. | Identifier | Description | Link | | —- | :———– | :————- | :————- | | 01. | vim.js | JavaScript port of VIM
C VimScript MakeFile ` Prolog C++ PS ~ [@coolwanglu]( | [here]( | | 02. | [awesome-web-desktops]( | Websites, web apps, portfolios which look like desktop graphical user interfaces <br> markdown ~ [@syxanash]( | [here]( | | 03. | [ssshake]( | A list of the various projects to get vintage computers connected to the internet <br> markdown ~ [@ssshake]( | - | | 04. | [awesome-UNIX]( | All the UNIX and UNIX-Like: Linux, BSD, macOS, Illumos, 9front resources and more. <br> markdown` ~ @sirredbeard | - |



Logo Company Name Rendering Engine
Internet Explorer Microsoft Internet Explorer Trident
Edge Microsoft Edge (old) EdgeHTML
Edge Microsoft Edge Blink
Firefox Mozilla Firefox (old) Gecko
Firefox Mozilla Firefox Quantum Gecko
Chrome Google Chrome (old) WebKit
Chrome Google Chrome Blink
Chromium Google Chromium Blink
Opera Opera Software Opera (old) Presto
Opera Opera Software Opera Blink
Safari Apple Safari WebKit
Brave Brave Software Brave Blink
Vivaldi Vivaldi Technologies Vivaldi Blink
Tor Open-Source Tor Quantum Gecko
Pale Moon Moonchild Productions Pale Moon Goanna
Basilisk Moonchild Productions Basilisk Goanna





For everyone, really. Here everyone can find their favourite taste of Operating System. Have fun exploring and if you find some cool projects like these which are missing here then do tell us!.


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